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We offer specifically designed corporate training programs that implement key elements used in partnership dancing that transcend all forms of industry and business to improve employees overall job performance and drive business results.

Corporate Offerings from the Ballroom World

Most failed enterprises on or off the ballroom floor suffer from a lack of strong leadership and/or followership and the ability to build collaborative partnerships based on trust and respect. While an organization might limp along for many years even with these failings, the ballroom world is much less forgiving. There is nowhere to hide in a ballroom partnership. To become ballroom champions, a team must develop strong leadership and followership abilities and engage in close partnering based on mutual trust and respect.


Teaching employees the important tenants of strong leadership and followership and building close partnerships is not easy to do with standard corporate trainings. Now it’s become even more difficult during COVID-19 when colleagues are suffering from “Zoom fatigue.” Dance Alliance Network has developed offerings for the corporate world using highly visual and visceral demonstrations of ballroom dance to teach the tenants of strong leadership, followership and effective partnering in a memorable, powerful and entertaining way.  These offerings can be delivered both on-site or virtually.

Our standard offerings:

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